Thursday, 11 December 2014

Car Scheduling system

This project is designed so as to be used by Car Rental Company specializing in renting
cars to customers. It is an online system through which customers can view available
cars, register, view profile and book car.
A car rental is a vehicle that can be used temporarily for a fee during a specified period.
Getting a rental car helps people get around despite the fact they do not have access to
their own personal vehicle or don't own a vehicle at all. The individual who needs a car
must contact a rental car company and contract out for a vehicle. This system increases
customer retention and simplify vehicle and staff management.
· To produce a web-based system that allow customer to register and reserve car online
and for the company to effectively manage their car rental business.
· To ease customer’s task whenever they need to rent a car.
This project traverses a lot of areas ranging from business concept to computing field,
and required to perform several researches to be able to achieve the project objectives.
The area covers include:
· Car rental industry: This includes study on how the car rental business is being done,
process involved and opportunity that exist for improvement.
· PHP Technology used for the development of the application.
· General customers as well as the company’s staff will be able to use the system
· Web-platform means that the system will be available for access 24/7 except when
there is a temporary server issue which is expected to be minimal.

A car rental is a vehicle that can be used temporarily for a period of time with a fee.
Renting a car assists people to get around even when they do not have access to their own personal vehicle or don't own a vehicle at all. The individual who want to rent a car must first contact the car rental company for the desire vehicle. This can be done online. At this point, this person has to supply some information such as; dates of rental, and type of car. After these details are worked out, the individual renting the car must present a valid Identification Card.

          Most companies throughout the industry make a profit based of the type of cars that are rented. The rental cars are categorized into economy, compact, compact premium, premium and luxury. And customers are free to choose any car of their choice based on their purse and availability of such car at the time of reservation.
· This online car rental solution is fully functional and flexible.
· It is very easy to use.
· This online car rental system helps in back office administration by streamlining and
standardizing the procedures.
· It saves a lot of time, money and labour.



ü  Processor                   -           Pentium –IV

ü  Speed                          -           1.1 Ghz
ü  RAM                            -           512 MB(min)
ü  Hard Disk                   -           40 GB
ü  Key Board                  -           Standard Windows Keyboard
ü  Mouse                         -           Two or Three Button Mouse
ü  Monitor                                  -           LCD/LED


Operating system      :           Windows XP / LINUX.
Coding Language      :           PHP
Data Base                   :           My SQL
CMS                             :           WORDPRESS

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